Outside the Cyrstal [ Chapter 2 ]

I felt sick. I hated going outside the Cyrstal. Outside the Cyrstal, in the sun, electronics didn't work right unless they were heavily shielded. Communications were near impossible. It was nothing but sand. There's nothing left alive on earth except what can be protected by a Cyrstal, and since the sun started dying, there's probably … Continue reading Outside the Cyrstal [ Chapter 2 ]

All the Crappy Javascript

Javascript. One of the idioms I love in Javascript land is being able to do this: https://gist.github.com/withinboredom/fb779c8b10cc89c9e69d6f3f4537bd90 And now something is the result of DefTrue() ... A lot of libraries (and people also tend to write functions like this too: https://gist.github.com/withinboredom/944d19cbfb8bddea1610e9b3173df387 The fact that these people (and I won't call them out) check to make sure the … Continue reading All the Crappy Javascript